My Place

My Place

My Place

This wonderful children's series My Place, tells the story of one house in south Sydney as told by the generations of children who have lived there over a period of over 220 years.

My Place - Episode 4 - Mike 1978

1978 - Mike knows a lot about Australian muscle cars from 1968 to 1978 but the other kids think he's odd and he thinks he has only got one friend, Ben. But is Ben a real friend?

My Place - Episode 5 - Sofia 1968

1968 - Sofia is a spy for the yayas and she's determined to get rid of her brother Michaelis's Anglo girlfriend before he leaves for Vietnam.

My Place - Episode 6 - Michaelis 1958

1958 - Michaelis's family is from Kalymnos. He wants to be Australian not Greek but even more he wants a television so he can watch Robin Hood.

My Place - Episode 7 - Jen 1948

1948 - Jen's dad died in the war. Now her mum is planning to marry Wal, who even though he has a car, definitely doesn't match up in Jen's eyes to her war hero real dad.

My Place - Episode 8 - Colum 1938

1938 - Colum has two big ambitions; to stop his best mate Thommo's family from being kicked out of their house next door to his and to get up the nerve to ride his billy cart down Brickpits Hill.

My Place - Episode 9 - Bridie 1928

1928 - Bridie just wants to hang out with her big sister Kath and best friend Lorna, and be in on their secrets. Talking her way into tagging along, Bridie sets off for what is meant to be a day of harmless fun.

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