Offspring Series 6

Offspring Series 6

Offspring Series 6

Offspring, the much-loved, iconic and ground-breaking family drama returns for its sixth season. As ever, drama and romantic chaos are never far from Nina's door. This season she must manage a whole new onslaught of mishaps and revelations, as well as unprecedented professional and personal trials that will see Nina, Billie and the Proudman clan tested as never before. When a tragedy brings the family back together, the stability of life unravels, forcing them once again to question what they thought they knew about themselves and the past - and changing the dynamics of the family forever.

Offspring Series 6 - Episode 1

Eighteen months after the events of season 5, the Proudman clan are shaken by tragedy. Tensions surface for Nina and Leo in the wake of the events. Nina and Billie consult handsome lawyer Will. Geraldine reconnects with an old friend. A family gathering results in explosive revelations.

Offspring Series 6 - Episode 2

Nina and the St Francis staff meet flirtatious new Director of Education, Dr Angus Freeman. Nina is shaken by news from Leo. Jimmy confronts some difficult truths about the finances of his restaurant. Billie and Jimmy introduce Will to the Proudman world. Geraldine enlists Nina's help to investigate some aspects of Marjorie's history.

Offspring Series 6 - Episode 3

Nina deals with Dr Angus Freeman and his 'Pantsman' ways in a surprising manner. Billie encounters Brody, the delinquent daughter of her old friend, Stacey. Jimmy reveals his plans for the Taqueria to Zara with unintentional results. Geraldine decides to redefine her role in the family.

Offspring Series 6 - Episode 4

Nina deals with the fallout from a date with Angus Freeman, and is visited by an old friend. Billie's relationship with Brody is thrown into chaos by a surprise arrival. Jimmy and Zara's relationship is pushed towards crisis by financial secrets. Geraldine enjoys a sojourn with Marjorie and makes a new acquaintance. Clegg and Cherie struggle with a new relationship hurdle.

Offspring Series 6 - Episode 5

Nina and the St Francis staff are shaken by a public relations crisis at the hospital. Nina clashes with the consultant, Harry Crewe, brought in to deal with the issue. Billie and Mick prepare for Billie's fortieth birthday. Brody makes a shocking revelation to Mick. Cherie deals with her loss of libido in an unexpected way.

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