One Plus One

One Plus One

One Plus One

Jane Hutcheon sits down with sports stars, celebrities, philosophers and creatives from Australia and around the world for face to face revealing interviews.

One Plus One - Patricia Dennis

Patricia Dennis spent three years of her childhood in a Japanese-run internment camp in the Philippines during World War II. After escaping to Australia with her family, she became a successful model, actress & businesswoman.

One Plus One - Felicity Ward

Felicity Ward is a stand-up comic whose personal experience of mental illness is at the core of her comedy work. Though passionate about her career, she says persistent anxiety has dampened the joy of making people laugh.

One Plus One - Jim Cassidy

Champion jockey Jim Cassidy is among the most colourful characters of Australian racing, with two Melbourne Cup victories - and more than a few controversies - to his name. #OnePlusOne

One Plus One - John Paul Young

From factory worker to Australia's leading 70s pop star, John Paul Young's career is the stuff of legend. Now in his mid-60s and still performing, Young admits he owes much of his success to luck. #OnePlusOne

One Plus One - Fay Jackson

Fay Jackson is a deputy commissioner with the NSW Mental Health Commission. Diagnosed with bipolar schizoaffective disorder at the age of 37, she's faced challenges and stigma for as long as she can remember. #OnePlusOne

One Plus One - Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson is an iconic Australian actor, celebrated for his rugged charm and richly resonant voice. He opens up to Jane Hutcheon about a life filled with dramatic twists. #OnePlusOne

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