Palace Of Memories

Palace Of Memories

Palace Of Memories

Jonathan Jones brings his ambitious artwork barrangal dyara (skin and bones) to Sydney's Royal Botanic Garden. He asks us to remember the Garden Palace, a forgotten building that combined Aboriginal and colonial history.

Palace Of Memories - Remembering The Garden Palace

Artist Jonathan Jones challenges Australia's colonial history by remembering and re-imagining the Garden Palace, a grand building destroyed in 1882, which containing irreplaceable Aboriginal cultural material.

Palace Of Memories - Nothing Is Lost

Inspired by the Indigenous philosophy that fire is a symbol of regeneration, Jonathan Jones takes us to where the Garden Palace was lost. He begins to realise his vision, installing thousands of shields on the site.

Palace Of Memories - Winhangaygunhanha (Remember)

Jonathan Jones's artwork is now installed and open to the public. Aboriginal languages have been woken up on the site with voices inviting us to remember and to consider what history we move forward with.

Palace Of Memories EXTRAS - The Garden Palace Fire: an Unsolved Mystery

The cause of the fire that destroyed the Garden Palace remains one of the great unsolved mysteries in Sydney's history. Various explanations have been proposed; but are these stories simply urban legends?

Palace Of Memories EXTRAS - Cultural Burning

Oliver Costello, co-founder of Firesticks, aims to re-invigorate the use of cultural burning. Facilitating cultural learning pathways to fire and land management, Oliver draws the connection between fire and de-colonisation.

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