Play School - Water

Play School - Water

Play School - Water

Join the Play School team with Big Ted, Little Ted, Jemima, Humpty and the other toys on this favourite show for pre-school aged children. Your children can learn while singing songs, listening to stories, making things and going on adventures.

Play School - Water: Monday

Jay and Georgie enact a sail boat scene using Jemima as the Captain and the toys as crew. They make fish in the sea for a craft scene. Georgie narrates the story whilst Jay animates the craft made characters and props.

Play School - Water: Tuesday

Georgie & Jay create an Antarctic scene with a water trough and blocks of ice. Jay calls Dr Georgie to visit Little Ted who is sick. Georgie & Jay animate the Teds to clean Big Ted's car, then they give them a bath. Georgie shows the Water Calendar.

Play School - Water: Wednesday

Karen & Alex show a display of foam sea creatures on a perspex screen. Alex shows the name of the day on the Water Calendar. Karen & Alex play a hide and seek game using various objects, clapping loudly or softly to indicate the location of the object.

Play School - Water: Thursday

Justine & Alex make a water spout and pour jugs of water from the top of the spout. They make craft spiders for the spout. Justine & Alex animate the toys for various nursery rhymes songs. Alex plays a tea shop owner, selling tea to Justine who animates the toys.

Play School - Water: Friday

Join the Play School team to learn a little, while singing songs, listening to stories, making things, and going on adventures with Big Ted, Jemima and all the other toys.

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