Plonk is a love letter to Australian wine and its people... just with the spell check function turned off. It's Getaway meets Heart of Darkness, Sydney Weekender meets Lost in La Mancha. It's Plonk.

Plonk - Ep 1- Adelaide Hills

With Chris reluctantly back on board the team head to South Australia hoping things will run slightly smother than last year. Day one and the wheels start to fall off almost immediately. Josh manages to exacerbate the budget, Chris offends one of the Adelaide Hills most prominent winemakers and a Portuguese bodyguard threatens to derail the show before it even starts. By the time the sun has set an historic castle has caught fire, a Master of Wine has been tasered and The Rolling Stones... well, lets not mention The Rolling Stones

Plonk - Ep 2- Clare to Barossa

PLONK'S plan for promoting the Clare Valley as a 'place of romance' takes a turn for the worst when Chris dramatically breaks out in hives. With the show's host out of action the guys are intent on making the most of their day in the Clare. Determined that neither a faulty drone nor surly cameraman will break his spirits, Nathan hits the Riesling Trail to film some overlay. On an adventure all of his own, Josh discovers a hidden tourist gem, a local hedge maze and learns the hard way that navigating its leafy walls is more than just child's play.

Plonk - Ep 3- Barossa

It's all about the 'old vines' for team PLONK as their Barossa adventure continues and nothing says tradition quite like the Barons of the Barossa. Josh, who is desperate to be a part of the old guard, is tipped off by a Baron on how to join. Scissors in hand, he goes on a mission to find sacred hair, however PLONK finds out the hard way that "nobody messes with the Barons."

Plonk - Ep 4- McLaren Vale

While filming in the coastal wine region of McLaren Vale team PLONK are joined on set by an unexpected visitor, the Brand Manager for Lexus. Contractually obliged to feature Chris and the sponsor car, Nathan has just one problem...Chris can't drive.

Plonk - Ep 5- Coonawarra

The unexpected death of Herb, PLONK'S camera operator, throws the final days of shooting into turmoil. Not wanting to let a day off go to waste, Chris looks to familiarize himself with the famous Cabernet Sauvignons of the Coonawarra.

Plonk - Ep 6- Adelaide

With the filming for PLONK officially wrapped up, the team needs to get out there and promote the show. Nathan secures a stall at the Adelaide Cellar Door Festival and is counting on his crewmates to spread the word.

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