Pop-Ability follows the journey of a group of bold and unapologetic singers - the world's first-ever girl band with disabilities called 'The Sisters of Invention' as they release an album and make a music video.

Pop-Ability - The Album

The Sisters of Invention launch their debut album to a packed house. Back at their studio at Tutti Arts, Jackie talks about dealing with grief and depression that producer Michael helps turn into a song.

Pop-Ability - The Look

The group rehearse their song 'Begin This Expedition'. Aimee, Michelle and Annika visit a supported living sharehouse that they hope to move into.

Pop-Ability - The Song

The group rehearse their song 'The Church on the $50 Note' which is inspired by Jackie's story. Michael is stressed about the upcoming music video launch.

Pop-Ability - The Video

The Sisters of Invention are filming their big music video in an urban alleyway with a colourful cast of characters. It's a long day for the girls and Aimee gets overwhelmed.

Pop-Ability - The Launch

The pressure of the upcoming music video launch is mounting. At the sharehouse Aimee is doing much better. The big launch day arrives and everyone is nervous and excited.

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