Rake Series 3

Rake Series 3

Rake Series 3

Rake is back for another season, and he's still up to his neck in it.

Rake Series 3 - Episode 5

Cleaver is retained for a low rent tawdry sex offence, but the Royal Commissions that have decimated David's front bench mean that even barrel-bottom Cleaver Greene is getting lots of briefs. CAST: Richard Roxburgh, Matt Day

Rake Series 3 - Episode 6

Roger bans Cleaver from Wendy's, and Fuzz has returned with a Congolese wife, a Cleaveresque attitude, and (according to the AFP) a suitcase full of stolen blood diamonds. CAST: Keegan Joyce, Richard Roxburgh, Jane Allsop

Rake Series 3 - Episode 7

Siege veteran Cleaver leads Wendy, Fuzz and Prue out of Roger's hostage crisis, but is accidentally shot in the buttock. CAST: Richard Roxburgh, Caroline Brazier

Rake Series 3 - Episode 8

Something is seriously awry in Cleaver's world. His practice is booming, Barney is thriving and he is falling in love with Felicity. But does fate have some nasty surprises in store? CAST: Richard Roxburgh, Russell Dykstra

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