River Cottage Australia

River Cottage Australia

River Cottage Australia

Celebrated chef and self sufficiency guru Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall hands the River Cottage baton to an Australian counterpart former Tasmanian chef, Paul West who faces new challenges and uniquely Australian characters as he attempts to set up his own farm near the historic and picturesque village of Central Tilba on the NSW Far South Coast.

River Cottage Australia - Episode 1

In over a year Paul's farm has grown from a hobby farm to a serious small holder but without proper infrastructure he needs plan for the future. So with this in mind this season working out new ways to earn a keep - planting veggies & selling his pigs for profit.

River Cottage Australia - Episode 2

It's Festival time in the local village of Central Tilba, and Paul's keen to make an impression with his cooking skills. But will his home-made relish - using locally gathered produce - cut it with the locals?

River Cottage Australia - Episode 3

With his cows, chooks and veggies thriving, Paul decides it's time to explore the nearby coastline and he discovers an abundant source of seafood delicacies. He meets a local lobster expert, and together they catch a crayfish brunch and Paul introduces him to a deliciously different way of eating them.

River Cottage Australia - Episode 4

With a malfunctioning water tank, and no dams to rely on, Paul is suddenly faced with a farmer's worst fear - a critical shortage of water. His cows, pigs and veges all depend on a steady supply, so Paul enlists the help of a local farmer to see if they can tap on old spring on the property. But will it be enough to save the farm?

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