Round The Twist - Series 1

Round The Twist - Series 1

Round The Twist - Series 1

Strange things happen when Tony Twist and his children, Pete, Linda and Bronson, discover that the old lighthouse they live in is haunted. Their twisted adventures include monsters, werewolves and human ice-cream machines.


Round The Twist - S1 - Ep 7 The Gum Leaf War

Dreaming that she has a huge nose, Linda takes her problems to Aunt Tuneless's shack in the mountains where a war is in progress. People can inflict their own ailments on others by playing the gum leaves from a twisted tree.

Round The Twist - S1 - Ep 8 Wunderpants

When Pete dries his underpants in the microwave, special powers are conveyed with embarrassing consequences. But when Pete's frog competes in the jumping competition, the wunderpants save the day.

Round The Twist - S1 - Ep 9 Lucky Lips

Pete becomes irresistible to women with the help of some magic lipstick. Dad wants the lipstick too but Gribble Junior steals it, much to his regret.

Round The Twist - S1 - Ep 10 Know All

The Twists find a trunk full of old circus costumes and dress the scarecrow in a clown's outfit. But the scarecrow comes to life and chases Linda. Fortunately Dad, dressed as a fortune teller, sees and knows all.

Round The Twist - S1 - Ep 11 The Copy

The Twist children discover old Tom's cloning machine and use it with some potentially dangerous results.