Round The Twist - Series 1

Round The Twist - Series 1

Round The Twist - Series 1

Strange things happen when Tony Twist and his children, Pete, Linda and Bronson, discover that the old lighthouse they live in is haunted. Their twisted adventures include monsters, werewolves and human ice-cream machines.


Round The Twist - S1 - Ep 12 Without My Pants

Pete is inflicted with a bizarre speech defect. He compulsively adds the words 'without my pants' to the end of every sentence with hilarious and embarrassing results.

Round The Twist - S1 - Ep 13 Lighthouse Blues

Gribble and his partner evict the Twists from the lighthouse in order to build an amusement park. But with the help of some friendly ghosts, the Twists win the battle to save their home.

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