Sandcastles s2

Sandcastles s2

Sandcastles s2

This stunning lifestyle program takes viewers right to the shore of the beautiful rugged coastlines of Australia. Carefully selected feature houses exhibit not only stunning architectural discoveries but also stylish extensions of the natural beauty surrounding them.

Sandcastles s2 - Ep 1 - Pulver House

This magnificent Sydney Harbour home is a story of family and vision, where the architect was designing the home for her cousin and delivered a family home wrapped in a full uncompromising concrete jacket.

Sandcastles s2 - Ep 2 - Bronte

Would you build your dream home next to a cemetery? One Sydney architect did just that and created a vision perched above Sydney's Bronte beach. Built on a paper-thin block, this Sandcastle includes one of the most awe-inspiring whale watching platforms in the world and signature teardrop windows.

Sandcastles s2 - Ep 3 - The Shearers Quarters

Voted the best house in Australia, this Robin Boyd winner is actually the home away from home for the shearers who spend the season working on this picturesque Bruny Island sheep farm. Built by owner and architect John Wardle as both a holiday home and working shearers quarters, it sits as one at Waterview on the northern side of the island.

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