Hosted by CSIRO's zany and energetic scientist, Dr Robert Bell, SCOPE looks at the world from a child's point-of-view.

Scope - Ep 170 - Fix-It Science

Fix-It Science: For a fast fix of science-y goodness, tune into this episode of SCOPE that's all about fixing things! Explore the workshop of a wooden boat repairer and join a pooch for a rehab session on an underwater treadmill!

Scope - Ep 171 - Wildcard

Wildcard: In this episode of SCOPE anything goes! We've searched far and wide for stories, news and experiments to satisfy all science tastes! There's a vertical rescue mission, dancing helicopters and even a car that folds in half.

Scope - Ep 172 - Science of P

Science of P: The letter P is pretty popular so we decided to dedicate a whole episode to it! You'll be proud as punch to learn about the life of a polar bear cub, and pleased to know about a robot that picks up dog poop!

Scope - Ep 173 - Getting Sporty

Getting Sporty: It's time to warm up and take your positions as SCOPE gets sporty! Brace yourself for some windy watery science as we discover kite surfing and practice some science-y slam dunks with our shooting hoops experiment.

Scope - Ep 174 - Minerals

Minerals: This week on SCOPE we are mad for minerals! We go back to basics to learn about the many minerals that make up our earth, and discover an opalised dinosaur fossil named Eric.

Scope - Ep 175 - Science of T

Science of T: Take some time out to tempt yourself with some science that's all about the letter T! Touch up on your ten pin bowling knowledge and find out about some terrific turtle tracking technology.

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