Hosted by CSIRO's zany and energetic scientist, Dr Robert Bell, SCOPE looks at the world from a child's point-of-view.

Scope - Ep 160 - Body Parts

Body Parts: We find out what it takes to build a prosthetic limb, check out a computer program that allows people to control other people's body parts via a smart phone, and learn about some animals that have a special talent.

Scope - Ep 161 - Fire Science

Fire Science: Heat up your TV with this episode of SCOPE, dedicated to some of the hottest science around, fire! To get you warmed up, we check out the science behind fireworks displays, then we go hot on the trail of a fire investigation expert.

Scope - Ep 162 - Biological Change

Biological Change: Get up close and personal with some ever-changing cuttlefish, learn how the mummification process prevents change in rotting apples, and just for fun, we put a scientist 'under the scope' to learn all about his work as a Zoologist.

Scope - Ep 163 - Science of B

Science of B: Be in the know about bikes and how different builds are suited to different types of riding. Also, be blown away with some news on big balloons that are bringing internet to people in remote areas.

Scope - Ep 164 - Biomimicry

Biomimicry: Biomimicry is really just a fancy word for cool scientific innovations that are inspired by nature, and this week we dish up some marvellous mimicry stories.

Scope - Ep 165 - What's New

What's New: We bring you stories on the newest technologies, news, discoveries and competitions in the big wide world of science! Also, join a scientist on his trek through the forest to track down a newly discovered species of mammal.

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