Hosted by CSIRO's zany and energetic scientist, Dr Robert Bell, SCOPE looks at the world from a child's point-of-view.

Scope - Ep 150 - Science of the Brain

Check out the machine that can see where your thoughts are, find out if muscle fatigue is all in the mind, discover why researchers are turning some brains transparent and see Rob getting zapped by a magnetic brain stimulator!

Scope - Ep 151 - Science on the Farm

Science on the Farm: Breathe in the country air as we plant, fertilise and harvest our way to an episode full of the science found down on the farm.

Scope - Ep 152 - Colourful Science

Colourful Science: Hang out in a paint factory and find out all about tints and hues, dance about to the music made by some colourful jellies, and be inspired by the geneticists who grew some green grapes from a red grape vine!

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