Hosted by CSIRO's zany and energetic scientist, Dr Robert Bell, SCOPE looks at the world from a child's point-of-view.

Scope - Ep 153 - Living Things

Living Things: We share our planet with a rather impressive array of plants and animals, and on this living and breathing episode of Scope a special selection of them are put on show!

Scope - Ep 154 - Another Day of Science

Another Day of Science: On this episode of SCOPE, take a stroll with the scientists researching the biomechanics of walking, check out the dairy farm that is run by robots, and find out how to fry up some freaky-looking green eggs!

Scope - Ep 155 - Cities

Cities: Get caught up in the hustle and bustle of city life as we uncover the science found in the bright lights and sky scrapers of our big cities! Make sure you don't get stuck in traffic and join Dr Rob as he brings cities under the SCOPE!

Scope - Ep 156 - Citizen Science

Citizen Science: This episode of SCOPE it is all about people power. We track down some science projects where the research data is collected or analysed by everyday citizens like you!

Scope - Ep 157 - Science of D

Science of D: The term "mad scientist" may well be appropriate for Dr Rob. He is mad about the environment and will destroy a perfectly good hair day to explain humidity, or eat hundreds of chocolate biscuits to explain earthquakes and tsunamis.

Scope - Ep 158 - Ice Science

Ice Science: Learn about the very chilly art of ice sculpting, find out how penguin enclosures are kept icy cold, learn what an Ice Chemist does for a living, and get the low down on the super cool sport of Ice Hockey.

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