The Agony of Life
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The Agony of Life

The Agony of Life

In The Agony of Life no stone will be left unturned as Australia's funniest and brightest take us through the most important stages of existence ‐ from child to adult, to creating and supporting families, to building and managing careers. And what after that? Should we sit on a hill and contemplate, or travel the world? The good news is we don't need to worry about that because the Aunts and Uncles will be doing the worrying for us.

The Agony of Life - Ep 7 - Retirement

So you're thinking of winding down on the work front, and have achieved everything you wanted in your career, what will be your legacy, and do you have regrets? Or is it important to regret nothing? The Aunts and Uncles lead you through this change of pace and, with sensitivity and humour, map out what an idyllic retirement might look like.

The Agony of Life - Ep 8 - The Final Frontier

It's a subject few people want to face up to, but our Aunts and Uncles are made of sterner stuff. Here they negotiate the final frontier and, on behalf of us all, answer the big questions of life: what are they most proud of; what's their biggest disappointment; is death to be feared or embraced; and what happens to us after they die?

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