The Story Hunters

The Story Hunters

The Story Hunters

The Story Hunters recruits emerging Australian VJs to make short news and current affairs focused content.

The Story Hunters - Beauty Queens

15 young women are competing for two spots in the finals for Miss World Australia.They say it's empowering, and the bikini round is no longer included. Is the pageant feminist or old fashioned? And what does it take to win?

The Story Hunters - Modern Love: Arranged Marriage

What is the best way to fall in love? Mike Clay talks to Aman and Preety who fell in love after their wedding day.

The Story Hunters - Ride On Mower Racing

We asked you what we should do and you said the greatest motor sport that no one has ever heard of! So we sent Story Hunter Auskar Surbakti ride-on mower racing!

The Story Hunters - Stock Photos

We look at the all pervasive but oddly strange world of stock photos. Story Hunter Mike Clay looks at the huge business behind those slick images that fill our screens.

The Story Hunters - Growing Up A Show Kid

The most unique school in Australia is threatened with closure. The National School for Travelling Show Children was in Rockhampton when Story Hunter Mike Clay caught up with them.

The Story Hunters - Timor Tattoo

Story Hunter Auskar Surbakti travelled to Dili, Timor-Leste, a town where the owner of the only tattoo parlor is also the head of Rotary.

The Story Hunters - Timor Hip Hop

We look at the emerging hip hop music and dance scene in Dili, Timor-Leste. Auskar Surbakti found out how hard it is to make a career of music in one of the world's poorest countries.

The Story Hunters - Timor Zombies

Story Hunter Auskar Surbakti meets one Aussie filmmaker who's helping East Timorese tell their own (supernatural!) stories.

The Story Hunters - Young and the Faithful

Story Hunters looks at a group of Australians trying to find a new way of being faithful, modern Muslims.

The Story Hunters - Modern Love: Without Sense

Relationships are hard but what happens when one of you can not see or hear? Story Hunter Marcus Thompson talks to an extraordinary couple as part of our Modern Love series.

The Story Hunters - Unwasted

South Australia has one of the most successful bottle and can recycling schemes in the world. Mel Garrick looks into the economy that surrounds it and the pensioners, homeless and eccentrics who make much needed cash this way.

The Story Hunters - Patchewollock: Way Out West Art

In Victoria's far north-west the tiny farming town of Patchewollock is experiencing a minor boom in culture and babies, and after decades of decline, it can't come too soon.

The Story Hunters - Hair Fetish

Josh Marriage grew a beard after his relationship broke down and before too long he had so many fans online he turned it into a business. But he's not the only one who pays the bills catering to other people's hair fetishes.

The Story Hunters - Longboard Dancing

It started with an iPod loaded with music and a love of skating, now the Sunshine Coast's Milan Somerville's longboard dancing has had millions of views online.

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