The Time Of Our Lives

The Time Of Our Lives

The Time Of Our Lives

It's the time of our frantic, messy, frustrating, funny, sometimes awful, lives. Our thirties and forties are the busiest time of our lives. The extended Tivolli clan is right in the thick of it. CAST: Justine Clarke and Claudia Carvan

The Time Of Our Lives - Ep 1 - The Wedding

Chai Li returns to Melbourne. She has been working overseas for an aid organisation and is ready to settle down. When things don't go as planned, Chai Li's close-knit family help to pick up the pieces. CAST: Justine Clarke.

The Time Of Our Lives - Ep 2 - The Aftermath

Bernadette returns to work after maternity leave and finds workplace relations are more challenging than the actual work. Obsessive mother Caroline is blindsided when Matt tells her he doesn't love her any more.

The Time Of Our Lives - Ep 3 - The Secret

Luce finds an inappropriate picture of Georgie on Facebook. Caroline struggles to keep her crumbling marriage a secret and Matt continues to hide the reason he's leaving his family. CAST: Claudia Karvan

The Time Of Our Lives - Ep 4 - The Rabbit Hole

Chai Li learns Joel is back in town. She is torn between the man she loves and the fierce protection of her family. Can the two reunite? Meanwhile, Luce has a run in with the law.

The Time Of Our Lives - Ep 5 - The Silver Lining

Bernadette finds herself in a compromised position and Caroline is devastated when she learns the truth about Matt's reasons for leaving.

The Time Of Our Lives - Ep 6 - The Truth

Herb is called to his alcoholic mother's house after she has a fall. Alice starts to wonder if Matt is taking their relationship seriously.

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