The WotWots
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The WotWots

The WotWots

SpottyWot likes to skip and bounce and is delighted to discover he's not the only one - the zoo is full of creatures that love to jump and bounce just like him.

The WotWots - Ep 4 - Spot A DottyWot

The WotWots are playing hide and seek, and when SpottyWot uses the sneak-a-peek to look for his sister he spots an amazing new animal instead.

The WotWots - Ep 5 - Stripe A Lotty Wotty

The WotWots spot a very stripey animal and head off to investigate. SpottyWot decides he would like stripes as well, and comes up with a clever plan to get them.

The WotWots - Ep 6 - Plodda Lotty

SpottyWot is in a mood to zoom and he's frustrated that his sister is moving too slowly. But he's very impressed when they spot a creature that does everything slowly.

The WotWots - Ep 7 - Drowsy Dottywot

It's midday and the zoo animals are snoozing in the warm sunshine, even the WotWots are sleepy. But a new animal adventure soon has them wide awake.

The WotWots - Ep 8 - Top And Tail

SpottyWot is left hanging from the ship's rail when his chair runs out of fuel. He also discovers he's not the only resident of the zoo who can swing from his hands.

The WotWots - Ep 9 - Fluffy Puffies

DottyWot watches some amazing cloud shapes drifting by. She heads out into the zoo with her brother to look for any animals as fluffy and white as the clouds.

The WotWots - Ep 10 - Coughy Wot

SpottyWot's chair has a cold and is sneezing. It's hard for SpottyWot to ride but he manages to stay on as the WotWots go on an adventure to cheer up the chair.

The WotWots - Ep 11 - Stretch And Grow

SpottyWot doesn't like doing stretches like his sister. But when he learns it can make him tall and straight he finds an animal that can show him how to really stretch.

The WotWots - Ep 12 - Sneaky Squawks

SpottyWot is upset when his brightest shiny crayons go missing. His sister tracks them down for him, but getting them back again might not be the right thing to do.

The WotWots - Ep 13 - Twisty Sticks

SpottyWot is distressed when one of his antennae goes straight and spiky. So DottyWot finds an animal that is proud to be covered in lots of straight, pointy spikes.

The WotWots - Ep 14 - Skip A Lotty Wotty

SpottyWot likes to skip and bounce and is delighted to discover he's not the only one - the zoo is full of creatures that love to jump and bounce just like him.

The WotWots - Ep 15 - Bubblywots

The WotWots are surprised to hiccup some bubbles when they finish their loopy fruity drinks. They're even more surprised to find others are blowing bubbles too.

The WotWots - Ep 16 - Egg Sighting

The WotWots learn about warning signs around the zoo. They make a sign for their egg shaped ship to warn off any giant hens that might come to sit on it.

The WotWots - Ep 17 - Hichoppity Wot

DottyWot helps her brother who has got a case of the hiccups. Out in the zoo they investigate a croaking animal that seems to be suffering the same complaint.

The WotWots - Ep 18 - The Creepalongy Wot

SpottyWot can't seem to sneak up on his sister so he investigates the camouflage techniques of animals. But how do you hide when you're blue with pink spots?

The WotWots - Ep 19 - Blinky Winky

SpottyWot is no match for his sister in a staring contest. But out in the zoo they come across a creature who can out stare even the amazing staring DottyWot.

The WotWots - Ep 20 - Topsy Turvy Wotty

SpottyWot finds a safe spot to do some upside down stunt flying in his chair.

The WotWots - Ep 21 - Go The Greens

DottyWot's brother won't eat the delicious broccoli soup she's made.

The WotWots - Ep 22 - Tickle Toes

SpottyWot has an itch on his toes that he can't quite reach, but a kind sister can.

The WotWots - Ep 23 - Hotwots

It's a frosty morning and the WotWots need some hot chocolate to get warm.

The WotWots - Ep 24 - Copy Copy Wot

The WotWots think they hear a new WotWot calling their name.

The WotWots - Ep 25 - Wet Wots

SpottyWot is very excited to find a picture of a dinosaur and is determined to find one.

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