The WotWots

The WotWots

The WotWots

SpottyWot is very excited to find a picture of a dinosaur and is determined to find one.

The WotWots - Ep 25 - Wet Wots

SpottyWot is very excited to find a picture of a dinosaur and is determined to find one.

The WotWots - Ep 26 - Slurpy Lurpy Lips

The WotWots are two small fluffy aliens, a brother and sister, who come to explore planet Earth in their steam powered spaceship.

The WotWots - Ep 27 - Spring Wotty

DottyWot is disappointed to lose a jumping competition.

The WotWots - Ep 28 - Socket Sprocket Pocket

DottyWot's chair needs fixing but her brother keeps losing his spanner.

The WotWots - Ep 29 - Sir Spotty Wot

DottyWot reads a book about knights and dragons.

The WotWots - Ep 30 - Floppy Fluffties

The WotWots are playing a guessing game with their fluffy antenna, will they be up or will they be down?

The WotWots - Ep 31 - Peak-A-Beak

The WotWots play at drawing pictures in the dark.

The WotWots - Ep 32 - The Digger They Are

SpottyWot thinks a big digger that's laying drains at the zoo is a large hungry animal.

The WotWots - Ep 33 - Laugh A Lotty

The WotWots are pulling funny faces and laughing when someone else starts laughing with them.

The WotWots - Ep 34 - Double Bumpies

SpottyWot is convinced he's discovered an animal with two heads.

The WotWots - Ep 35 - Ready To Roar

SpottyWot's attempt to scare his sister with a loud roar isn't very scary.

The WotWots - Ep 36 - Fill Bill

DottyWot spots a duck bill on the zoo pond.

The WotWots - Ep 37 - Stingy Thingy

The WotWots are out smelling flowers when SpottyWot starts to play with a bee.

The WotWots - Ep 38 - Looky Looky

SpottyWot spots a creature with hundreds of eyes and hurries to tell his sister.

The WotWots - Ep 39 - Wot A Plopy

SpottyWot is learning to track animals by recognizing their droppings.

The WotWots - Ep 40 - Prickly Prints

The WotWots spot some interesting footprints and track down who made them.

The WotWots - Ep 41 - True Blue

Blue is the best colour in the galaxy as far as SpottyWot is concerned.

The WotWots - Ep 42 - Beat Boppy Wots

The WotWots love to dance but their new routine is missing something.

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