The WotWots
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The WotWots

The WotWots

The WotWots are out smelling flowers when SpottyWot starts to play with a bee.

The WotWots - Ep 1 - Wotties Of Steel

On the farm DottyWot is fascinated by a column of ants. SpottyWot is completely unimpressed - until he finds out how strong ants are, that is!

The WotWots - Ep 2 - Nibble Notty

While enjoying their loopy-fruity breakfast drinks inside the ship, something dire happens to SpottyWot's pictures which he left outside. SpottyWot and DottyWot investigate and go in search of the culprit.

The WotWots - Ep 37 - Stingy Thingy

The WotWots are out smelling flowers when SpottyWot starts to play with a bee.

The WotWots - Ep 38 - Looky Looky

SpottyWot spots a creature with hundreds of eyes and hurries to tell his sister.

The WotWots - Ep 39 - Wot A Plopy

SpottyWot is learning to track animals by recognizing their droppings.

The WotWots - Ep 41 - True Blue

Blue is the best colour in the galaxy as far as SpottyWot is concerned.

The WotWots - Ep 42 - Beat Boppy Wots

The WotWots love to dance but their new routine is missing something.

The WotWots - Ep 43 - Picture Puzzle

While his sister sleeps, SpottyWot prepares a great game for her to play.

The WotWots - Ep 44 - Colour Conundrums

The WotWots are two small fluffy aliens, a brother and sister, who come to explore planet Earth in their steam powered spaceship.

The WotWots - Ep 45 - Lumpy Bumpies

SpottyWot is making a crayon rubbing from the lumpy bark of a tree.

The WotWots - Ep 46 - Over The Rainbow

How sunlight is refracted to create a rainbow doesn't matter to the WotWots.

The WotWots - Ep 47 - Trail Tail

The WotWots find a mysterious trail of slime.

The WotWots - Ep 48 - Ready To Rumble

The WotWots discover dingoes in the zoo.

The WotWots - Ep 49 - Wotter Otter

SpottyWot designs a remote control system for his chair.

The WotWots - Ep 50 - Tufty Tops

The WotWots are very proud of their fluffy antennae headwear.

The WotWots - Ep 51 - Speedy Spots

In a quest for speed SpottyWot adjusts his chair motor.

The WotWots - Ep 52 - Ready Or Notty

The WotWots find that lots of animals have bright red fur or feathers.

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