The WotWots
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The WotWots

The WotWots

The WotWots spot an unusual creature through the Sneak-a-Peek periscope. SpottyWot is convinced it's a tail that has fallen off another animal. Infact, maybe it's a WotWot tail?

The WotWots - Ep 3 - Wot Plants

After witnessing the farmer planting carrot seeds and learning what seeds are for, SpottyWot plants himself to see if he'll grow somae mini SpottyWots.

The WotWots - Ep 4 - Wot's New Pussycat

One morning The WotWots find their favourite things have been nibbled during the night. SpottyWot goes off in search of the farm cat to see if it can help them with their little problem.

The WotWots - Ep 5 - The Trotty Wot

SpottyWot draws a picture of what he imagines a pony might look like. DottyWot finds a pony in the farm stable and really wants a pony ride - will she find a way to have one?

The WotWots - Ep 6 - Swan Lake

The WotWots are sailing paper boats on a pond when all of a sudden SpottyWot's boat sinks. He thinks he spots the culpret - a sea monster. But what sort of creature is it?

The WotWots - Ep 7 - Wheelie Wots

SpottyWot decides their spaceship needs new wheels so he goes in search of different kinds around the farm. He finds a set of interesting wheels, but will the spaceship like them?

The WotWots - Ep 8 - Not A Wormy

The WotWots spot an unusual creature through the Sneak-a-Peek periscope. SpottyWot is convinced it's a tail that has fallen off another animal. Infact, maybe it's a WotWot tail?

The WotWots - Ep 9 - Milky Moo

SpottyWot and DottyWot can't decide what to mix for their loopy-fruity breakfast drink. Through the Sneak-a-Peek periscope they see a cow being milked. Maybe milk would make for a good ingredient for their breakfast?

The WotWots - Ep 10 - Alpaca Sad

The WotWots draw imaginary animals with mixed up heads, bodies and legs. They are very excited to discover that one of their make-believe creature might really exist.

The WotWots - Ep 11 - Whistle Wots

The WotWots find a sheep dog hard at work. SpottyWot is inspired, but is he inspired enough to herd up the huge mess he made earlier?

The WotWots - Ep 12 - Tough Crowd

DottyWot is having a great day on the farm impersonating animals. Then she meets a scarecrow that doesn't seem to find her jokes funny. Will the WotWots be able to make the scarecrow laugh?

The WotWots - Ep 13 - Sleepless In The Cattle

The WotWots can't sleep. The farm animals are very noisy and keep them awake at night. SpottyWot asks them to be quiet, but they don't listen. Maybe it's time to leave the farm?

The WotWots - Ep 14 - Fronds Like These

While SpottyWot sleeps on the beach, DottyWot explores a nearby rock pool. She finds some sea anemones and wants to learn all about these amazing creatures.

The WotWots - Ep 15 - Moons And Moats

SpottyWot builds a massive sand castle on the beach, but that night the tide washes it away. The WotWots build a new castle and decide to protect it from the sea.

The WotWots - Ep 16 - Crabby Wot Wot

To SpottyWot's horror the spaceship has run out of bananas for his loopy-fruity drink. The WotWots go on a hunt for what they think is a giant banana, but it turns out to be something very different...

The WotWots - Ep 17 - Footprints In The Sand

The WotWots find some mysterious foot prints in the sand. What could have made them and where do they lead? The WotWots decide to track down the mystery footprint maker.

The WotWots - Ep 18 - Wot A Racket

The WotWots discover a large shell which sounds like there is an ocean inside it. SpottyWot doesn't want to take the shell inside the ship in case the sea floods out.

The WotWots - Ep 19 - Gnome Sweet Gnome

DottyWot and SpottyWot are looking at some mythical creatures on the spaceship's computer. They think these creatures are real and go out in search of them at the beach.

The WotWots - Ep 20 - Wind Wotty

The WotWots see a kite flying at the beach. They are fascinated and want to find out what else can move with the wind. Can the WotWots use the wind as well?

The WotWots - Ep 21 - Twinkle Winkle

The WotWots find a starfish washed up on the beach. They decide to send it home, but first they have to find out where the starfish came from, was it the sea or the starry sky?

The WotWots - Ep 24 - Wotty Hermit

DottyWot makes a picture out of shells on the beach but before she can show her brother the picture has moved! Is it possible that the shells are moving themselves?

The WotWots - Ep 25 - Shiver Me Wot Wots

SpottyWot draws a treasure map and goes out onto the beach to dig for the treasure. He's not having much luck until DottyWot points him to the right spot. What will he find?

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