Tony Robinson's Time Walks
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Tony Robinson’s Time Walks

Tony Robinson’s Time Walks

In this series Tony Robinson brings his inquisitive storytelling approach into Australia's streets. His mission is to uncover the hidden history that lies behind, below and above the places we walk every day.


Tony Robinson's Time Walks - Ep 7 Townsville

Tony's itchy feet take him to tropical Townsville. Plenty of war history here, but as usual, it's the hidden history that uncovers the not-so-well known side of a far North Queensland treasure. High-altitude graffiti, the invention of texting! Townsville will surprise you.

Tony Robinson's Time Walks - Ep 8 Parramatta

Sydney's city within a city has always been home to some of Australia's most important colonial history. But in modern times, the one-time breadbasket of the colony is re-inventing itself as a multi-cultural hub. Walking round Parramatta, seeing the faces on the street and feeling the buzz in the air is enough to convince Tony he's seeing the future of Australia.

Tony Robinson's Time Walks - Ep 9 Geelong

Geelong missed out on being Victoria's capital thanks to a quirk of nature, but this beautiful seaside town doesn't lack for unusual history. Horses hiding out, never to be seen again prison escapees, false maps, and a load of old bollards are proof positive that a walk around Geelong is one not to be missed.

Tony Robinson's Time Walks - Ep 10 Alice Springs

Alice Springs is a tiny speck in a vast, red, dry interior...but it's a fertile oasis of historical highlights - the centre of an early mass communications trail, a vital transport link in the battle to save Australia from invasion, and a vital link in a chain of nuclear early-warning sites. And that's not all. Tony's last walk finishes at one of Central Australia's most spectacular natural landmarks.

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