Untold Australia

Untold Australia

Untold Australia

Untold Australia is a new documentary series exploring Australia's most intriguing cultures.


Untold Australia - Indian Wedding Race

Two Indian Aussies navigate the remarkable world of online dating, astrologers, matchmakers and their traditional parents in a race to be married by 30.

Untold Australia - Strictly Jewish

'Strictly Jewish' opens a window into a secret subculture, the most ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect in Australia, who live cheek-by-jowl with Melbourne's trendy latte society...and have never been filmed for television before.

Untold Australia - A Modern Mutiny

Norfolk Island is 5 miles long by 3 miles wide; or, as some would say of this close-knit community, 5 minutes long and 3 minutes wide when it comes to gossip. Recent hard times have forced the island to reach out to Australia for help, and with mainland help comes mainland rules. A modern day mutiny is brewing offshore.

Untold Australia - Caged

Three ordinary people with an extreme pursuit - Cage Fighting push themselves and their families to the brink as they struggle to balance their daily lives with the sacrifices needed to be the best in the world's toughest sport.

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