Village Vets

Village Vets

Village Vets

Highlighting the real-life dramas, emergencies and triumphs of a rural practice, Village Vets is about the bonds between people and their pets, farmers and their animals, the members of a tight-knit community and at the heart of them all - the friendship of two great mates.


Village Vets - Episode 8

A little dog named 'Pupp Diddi' is brought to the clinic after it's suspected she's been bitten by a snake.

Village Vets - Episode 9

James discovers the dangers of living in the Australian bush first hand when he's called home to deal with a poisonous snake in the back yard. He and his wife Ronnie catch the snake, only to realise it's bitten their 'wonder cat' Rex.

Village Vets - Episode 10

Jaxon the dog' is brought to the clinic with an enormous lump on his backside. It's a case of "Life meets Aliens" when the cancerous lump is excised - but Jaxson survives the ordeal. Meanwhile 'Jazz the young foal' has a hernia that needs surgery and we discover that nothing keeps a young foal calm quite like his mum - who is brought to the operation as well!

Village Vets - Episode 11

During a puppy vaccination James explains that male dogs exhibit a version of "man flu" ... where they seem to react to pain exponentially more than girl puppies.

Village Vets - Episode 12

Nikei has rescued a young Australian working dog destined to be put down - but the dog has a dislocated knee-cap. A specialist surgeon is called on to put the knee right.

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