Village Vets

Village Vets

Village Vets

Highlighting the real-life dramas, emergencies and triumphs of a rural practice, Village Vets is about the bonds between people and their pets, farmers and their animals, the members of a tight-knit community and at the heart of them all - the friendship of two great mates.

Village Vets - Episode 1

James and Anthony are called to a hobby farm to help a newborn alpaca that's having trouble feeding from its mother and try their hand at alpaca herding in an effort to separate mother and baby from the rest of the herd.

Village Vets - Episode 2

'Bendy the dog' has collapsed after his morning swim and is being checked for bites and stings, when a cat in critical condition is rushed into emergency following a car accident.

Village Vets - Episode 3

The vets need to operate on 'Clancy the horse', who has a nasty tumor on her side. However, things go wrong when it becomes clear that Clancy is too fat!

Village Vets - Episode 4

It's cricket season, and the boys decide to stage a game against their rival vet clinic. Meanwhile Col the dairy farmer has two cows dying of stomach problems, but he can only afford to save one. The vets offer him a deal - let their young vet Bryden operate on one of the cows and Col gets the operation for free!

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