When I Get A Minute

When I Get A Minute

When I Get A Minute

When I Get A Minute is a review series for the very busy hosted by two of Australia's most time-poor media personalities Annabel Crabb (Kitchen Cabinet) & Leigh Sales (7.30). Join them as they talk about the best & worst.


When I Get A Minute - Ep1 - Subterranean Noodle Heaven

Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb meet to discuss the Steve Jobs movie, a new memoir by Hunter S. Thompson's son, presidential campaign songs, and why Leigh has never missed a season of the TV show Survivor.

When I Get A Minute - Ep2 - Would That It Were So Simple

Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb head to the movies. The pair argue about Hail, Caesar! , Zoolander 2, Hollywood flops and 2016 Oscar winning film Spotlight, while Annabel recalls a vivid panic dream involving a popstar.

When I Get A Minute - Ep3 - The Commute

Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb take a minute to catch up on culture, including Niki Savva's The Road to Ruin, House of Cards, their favourite podcasts and a recipe with a deliciously dangerous secret ingredient. 

When I Get A Minute - Ep4 - It's Always Thelma & Louise

Annabel takes Leigh to see some contemporary art. They discuss Germaine Greer's love letter to Martin Amis, mysterious Italian author Elena Ferrante, interviewing Helen Garner and why it's acceptable to avoid Game of Thrones.

When I Get A Minute - Ep5 - Peak Salt

Leigh busts Annabel out of her office to go to a local market. They discuss whether TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend passes the 'Bechdel Test', the steely glare of Janet King and Emily Maguire's novel An Isolated Incident.

When I Get A Minute - Ep6 - Bundt Actually

Leigh invites Annabel over and attempts to make an elaborate bundt cake. They discuss their favourite cookbooks, The Katering Show, Peppa Pig, one of Alan Rickman's final films and divisive rom-com Love Actually.

When I Get A Minute - Ep7 - Election Fever

Annabel and Leigh steal a moment to chat about the highs and lows of election coverage and essential campaign reading. They also swap stories, chat about neuroscience books and the lost (but unwise) art of home surgery.

When I Get A Minute - Ep 8 - Thelma & Louise Pt. 2

Annabel and Leigh hit the road to talk about vehicle-centric TV including Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and Carpool Karaoke. Also on the itinerary: The Americans, Jon Ronson on Monica Lewinsky and Coldplay.