Where It All Began
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Where It All Began

Where It All Began

Where It All Began introduces a selection of Australians who, in spite of their various backgrounds of hardship have gone on to become highly successful in the business world.

Where It All Began - Ep 12- Peter Bond

From a small country town selling flowers from the roadside as a 5 year old, Peter Bond has become one of Australia's most successful and innovative entrepreneurs. Seeing opportunities and possibilities where others only saw problems and difficulties Peter worked tirelessly, following his vision and self belief to today overseeing operations in Australia, the United States, Europe, Asia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Rich and successful and still challenging himself to continually grow and innovate Peter shows no signs of slowing down. On Where It All Began, Peter will pass on his knowledge, inspiration and support to a young indigenous boy who is looking to make his mark on the world after overcoming a traumatic and very difficult childhood.

Where It All Began - Ep 13- Hans Mueller

Hans Mueller was forced to flee Vienna, Austria as a young boy, as the Nazis began their persecutions of the Jews in World War 2. His family found haven in the squalor of the refugee camps in Shanghai in China. Survival was difficult but Hans and his parents somehow managed to make ends meet and Hans was one of the lucky ones who found himself with a visa, to escape the hardships and persecution and begin a brand new life, in a strange new country, Australia. Through hard work, determination and a hunger to succeed Hans built the Lowes Menswear empire from one small shop in Sydney to today where he owns almost 200 Lowes Menswear stores across the whole of Australia. In his 90s Hans continues to lead the organisation and will share his experiences and offer his advice, support and mentorship to a young girl, who herself has already had to face numerous hardships and challenges to forge her own, successful future on Where It All Began.

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