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Where It All Began

Where It All Began

Where It All Began introduces a selection of Australians who, in spite of their various backgrounds of hardship have gone on to become highly successful in the business world.

Where It All Began - Ep 1- James Dack

In an industry that at times does not hold the greatest of standings James Dack earned a reputation for honesty, fairness and integrity. He has risen from the back streets of the inner city Sydney suburb of Woolloomooloo to be regarded as one of the most successful, respected and recognized names in Australian real estate. He will still help to make a difference where it's needed on Where It All Began, to a young man whose own story bears an uncanny resemblance to the young James Dack so many years ago.

Where It All Began - Ep 2- Maha Sinnathamby

Maha Sinnathamby's story of success over adversity is one of the most remarkable that Australia has seen. Maha is the very foundation of Springfield Queensland, Australia's first master planned privately built city, a thriving bustling populace that today twenty four thousand people call home. He has created a legacy not just for his family but an entire community a gift that will continue to grow for generations to come. Soon Maha will give even more of himself on Where It All Began, providing additional hope and opportunity to a young indigenous man who himself has overcome significant hurdles.

Where It All Began - Ep 3- Gerry Harvey

Put simply Gerry Harvey is the most successful retailer Australia has ever seen. He will still help to make a difference where it's needed, to a young girl who is facing her own personal struggles as he takes us to Where It All Began.

Where It All Began - Ep 4- Tom Potter

With little education or money, Tom Potter has used keen instincts and a love for the food industry to grow a business from virtually nothing into an international franchising empire. After a turbulent early life and career in rough and tumble regional Australia, Tom combined brilliance as a baker with a strong work ethic and an innate business sense to revolutionize the fast food industry. Finding himself back in his hometown of Albury in New South Wales with little more than the will to succeed, he started a pizza business and watched it grow from one small country town shop to over 250 Eagle Boys outlets across Australia and New Zealand. He will still help to make a difference where it's needed on Where It All Began, as he crosses path with a young single mother who dreams of better things for herself and her baby boy.

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