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Where It All Began

Where It All Began

Where It All Began introduces a selection of Australians who, in spite of their various backgrounds of hardship have gone on to become highly successful in the business world.


Where It All Began - Ep 6- Con Makris

Con Makris arrived in Australia as a 16 year old boy with nothing, but today commands a property group worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Today Con Makris is recognized as South Australia's richest man and one of Australia's most successful entrenupers. For a young African refugee, himself coming to terms with his new life here in Australia, meeting Con Makris will totally change his life here on Where It All Began.

Where It All Began - Ep 7- Abraham Hatoum

Abraham Hatoum has almost single handedly taken the tailoring and alterations business from dusty back rooms and dingy offices to the forefront of prime retail locations. Completely transforming the type of services offered along the way. Born and raised in a refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon, Abraham overcame poverty, family tragedy and civil war before finding himself blessed qualifying for a refugee visa to Australia. He promised himself and his family that he would turn their lives around and make his late father proud. Abraham struggled greatly in his new home but continued to follow his dream. Today he presides over Looksmart Alterations a powerhouse business with over 100 stores across Australia and New Zealand. Today he will a huge difference to a young girl and her foster mother where it's needed most on Where It All Began.

Where It All Began - Ep 8- Janine Allis

Janine Allis' rise from a small rural town on the outskirts of Melbourne to the driving force behind a global business empire is truly inspiring. . Through an assortment of jobs saving some money so she could travel overseas, Janine explored the world as many young Australians do, until she found herself back in Australia, a single mother, broke and again living with and relying on her parents.. Janine was determined she would succeed. She found work, met the love of her life, .and in a bold gamble launched her first entrepreneurial venture. This ended in disaster. Believing her concept would work, Janine threw whatever funds she could into one final gamble and this time, the one small outlet she and husband Jeff opened in Adelaide grew and grew into the hugely successful juice bar chain, Boost Juice. Soon Janine will help to make an incredible difference where it's most needed, providing inspiration and drive to a young homeless man who has finally managed to take back control of his life on Where It All Began.

Where It All Began - Ep 9- Frank Costa

From humble beginnings working at his parents fruit shop in Geelong, Victoria, Frank Costa has become Australia's largest private grower, marketer and exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables, farming 4000 hectares and employing 8000 people. Having to cope with the death of his brother and business partner Adrian, taking on and beating some of the most dangerous men in the Melbourne underworld, Frank has had to overcome many challenges. . He has built the The Costa Group into a giant, turning over a billion dollars each year in fresh produce and is the biggest fresh food supplier to Coles, Woolworths and now Aldi, From a small family fruit shop, Frank has shown what can be achieved through hard work, honesty and integrity. He will pass these lessons and inspirations on to a young Geelong man who has overcome many of his own demons and is now looking to get his life back on track, here on Where It All Began.

Where It All Began - Ep 10- Dorry Kordahi

Struggling to complete his education, no real direction for the future, but armed with a whole hearted desire to achieve, Dorry Kordahi was able to turn his inspirational idea into an incredibly profitable enterprise. Dorry understands the challenges facing those less fortunate and he will still help to make a difference, guiding a young woman who herself is facing many challenges but just needs a chance here on Where It All Began.

Where It All Began - Ep 11- Stacey Currie

As a young girl Stacey Currie was brought up with no mother. Raised in housing commission, homeless at nineteen then at twenty one with three children she escaped a violent relationship. Her success is truly inspiring. From a penniless single mother struggling to make ends meet, today she is the driving force behind Brand Print Australia. Stacey will pass on her experiences to another young single mother who herself has just left a violent and volatile relationship on Where It All Began.

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