Wonderland is a warm and engaging relationship drama revolving around four couples at very different stages of life; the star-crossed singles, blissful newlyweds, hot new lovers and long-term marrieds. We join them as they navigate the light hearted and sometimes painful minefield of love and friendship.

Wonderland - Ep 1- Weddings

A wedding day turns to chaos when the stand in best man, Tom, rejects his girlfriend's public proposal and his friends force him to put up his prized car in a bet to stop him breaking any more hearts.

Wonderland - Ep 2- Obsession

Everyone has things they obsess over. Tom can't help wanting what he can't have in Miranda. Dani wants the perfect addition for her new love-­‐nest; Grace can't get passionate sex with Carlos off her mind; and Colette is having panic attacks over guilt she can't forget.

Wonderland - Ep 3- Parking

A much feared local parking ranger is back from holidays, sparking a budget crisis for Dani when Steve finds her unpaid fines; Miranda has a date with the enemy; Tom goes out with the girl who is parking him in; Grace and Carlos make good use of a parked van; and Rob finds out what Colette has been hiding.

Wonderland - Ep 4- Celebrity

Getting fifteen minutes of fame is not all it's cracked up to be as Tom learns when his wedding faux past becomes the subject of a reality TV show; Dani has to find a celebrity to save her job; Rob doesn't want a public airing of his private pain with Colette; and, after Grace decides to move into Wonderland, she and Carlos broadcast their relationship.

Wonderland - Ep 5- Dreams

When Tom's dream of being free to pursue his furniture making without compromise versus his father's dream of keeping his vineyard, Maggie is caught between them, without a hope of her own dreams coming true. Steve dreams of a promotion; Colette dreams of Rob coming home; and Carlos is helpful in a way Grace never dreamed.

Wonderland - Ep 6- Personal Space

In a new relationship with Carlos and living boundary-­‐challenged flatmate Harry, independent Grace struggles to find personal space. Dani gets into trouble with Colette when she lets out a personal secret; Rob wants to be left alone but his mates prove it's better when he shares; Tom's bachelor life is unsettled when he realises his Mum is staying in the building long-­‐term.

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