World on Wheels

World on Wheels

World on Wheels

WOW! There's really no other way to describe this series. It's the ultimate adrenaline rush. A motorcycle odyssey around the world. Husband & wife team, Mike & Denise Ferris are motorcycle tour guides & they take fellow bikers through the most awe-inspiring places on Earth.

World on Wheels - Ep 5 - Turkey

In this episode we're riding through a country where the scenery is breathtaking & the people are amazing. A place of diversity, with a culture steeped in ancient tradition, yet as modern as you can imagine. It's in both Asia & Europe.

World on Wheels - Ep 6 - Morocco

It's exotic, it's fascinating, mystical and mysterious. It's both African and Middle Eastern with a French twist. It's known as the land of the flying carpet.

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