You're Skitting Me series 2

You’re Skitting Me series 2

You’re Skitting Me series 2

You're Skitting Me is an Australian sketch comedy show for kids, starring a great cast of young Australian talent and featuring a random mix of characters, parodies and animations. You're Skitting Me - Series 2 delivers another 13 sketch comedy episodes, an edgy mix of zombies, superheroes, scary Girl Guides, Romans, parodies of Dr Who, Masterchef and Gollum, as well as some offbeat animations featuring Vomit Boy and a new twist on fairy tales.

You're Skitting Me series 2 - Episode 12

YSM features the Seaweed Experiment, the Stinking Championships and the new Extreme Alarm Clock. Dr Who is back on his TARBIS, Uncle Vijay reviews Two and a Half Men and the secret agents deal with a social media ransom demand.

You're Skitting Me series 2 - Episode 13

The final show in the series features new 'superhero' Recyclo, the Yah Bra private school boys trying to outdo each other and the Romans. We finally find out why girls go to the toilet in pairs, test a cool new app that helps with household chores and the final in the fairytale animations, the story of Cinderella.

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